Beyou World Pocket Monster Theme Activity was licensed by POKEMON Co., acted by TOMY Shanghai planned and executed by Giant Eye. The event was unfolded from July 4 to August 31, 2013 at Beijing Beyou World and Tianjin Beyou World. During the event, a Pokemon theme world was created at Beyou World. The activity included theme posters, standing billboards, TV animation play, puppet show, interactive games, sale of theme toys etc.

During the event, Pocket Monster toys have been adored by the public and shown an obvious growth in sales. The Pocket Monster videos played on iQIYI.COM have also achieved a remarkable growth in playing times. Besides, through in-situ presentation and tickets etc. the image and brand of Pocket Monster have been widely and effectively publicized. During the activity, Baidu index has also been improved significantly.

In 2012, entrusted by TOMY Shanghai, Giant Eye planned an animation scheme for Taobo mascot “Tao Doll”, including adjustment of integral image, character setting, world outlook, stories by episode etc. and produced 1’25” rushes, which have won the recognition of TOMY and Taobao.


From 2012 to 2013, entrusted by TAKARA TOMY, the company launched one-year a series of research on the most popular cartoon image among Chinese pupils and provided detailed data and market analysis to TAKARA TOMY.

In the coming years, the company will work together with many professional agencies to jointly launch specialized research on domestic cartoon image and consumer etc.


Satoshi Kon is a famous animation director and cartoonist of Japan, who was born in 1963 and died of cancer in August 2010. During his lifetime, he produced 4 animation films, 1 TV animated series and a number of animation shorts. In spite of a few works, he won a number of international awards.

In order to deeply cherish the memory of Mr. Satoshi Kon, during the event of “2011 China 1st Independent Animation Film”, a special unit of “Retrospective Show of Japanese Animation Film Master Satoshi Kon” and “Satoshi Kon Award” named after Mr. Satoshi Kon’ were set up for encouraging more Chinese youngsters in animation circles to create their works and endeavor to take their own way to animation inspired by the spirit of Mr. Satoshi Kon,

Following the involvement in appraisal of “Satoshi Kon Award” in the person of MADHOUSE Co. in 2011, Giant Eye, as a special support unit of “Satoshi Kon Award”, was honored to invite Mr. Masao Maruyama, tutor of Mr. Satoshi Kon during his lifetime, dean of Japanese animation circles, and Mr. Satoshi Kon’s wife Ms Kyoko Kon to be involved in the appraisal of “Satoshi Kon Award” in November 2013.

In 2014, the company will continue to participate in activities of “Satoshi Kon Award”.


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