Founded in December 2011, Giant Eye Chinimation Inc. specializes in animation and relevant entertainment business, including creating original IPs, development and production for hire, licensing business, overseas cooperation, and other integrated services.

The company has conducted an in-depth partnership with many overseas famous animation studio and companies in the entertainment industry.

CHINIMATION, a slogan created by the founder combining CHINA + ANIMATION, is the principle of the company seeking for great animation originated in China. The company will with its best effort produce and support animations that would be one day named as CHINIMATION from the world as a new style of animation, just as how JAPANIMATION was established as a total different style from CARTOON.

Our second core focus is character licensing business, which is to achieve maximization of brand value through effective integration of multi-domain resources and create more return on investment for investors.


Giant Eye Chinimation Inc. was registered and incorporated in December 2011. The company’s core team comes from MADHOUSE Beijing Inc. fully involved in the development, production, licensing, and overseas distribution of The Tibetan Dog, the first theatrical animation co-financed and co-produced between China and Japan.

2012-04—— the company signed a strategic contract with TOMY Shanghai to supervise and assist the toy company’s , succeeded in implementing multiple licensing business such as “Chi's Sweet Home” and “Pocket Monster”.
2013-11—— the company sponsored the 2nd Satoshi Kon Award, held in Beijing as key event of the 2nd China Independent Animation Forum.
2013-11—— the company signed a contract with Xiongxiaomi Media Co., Ltd. to officially act as a licensing agent of the animation film Our Friend Xiongxiaomi.
2013-12—— the company cooperated with DLE, an animation studio in Japan to complete the development of HAPPY LOSER., as its first original IP and animation.
2014-01—— the company was licensed by to act as the sole agent in China for a Japanese famous animation “Chi's Sweet Home”, which became the first Japanese character to be an emoticon on Tencent WeChat sevice ranking as top download for two months.
2014-04—— the company signed with HAKUHODO Shanghai Co. to establish a new department for engaging advertising business with entertainment business.
2014-06—— the company inked a contract with US-based Cheshire Pugs Entertainment to co-produce “Gold Hunters”, a live action TV show.
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