Zhu Hua (Board Chairman, General Manager)


Once served as assistant general manager, director of performance show department of OCT International Media Co., producer of many TV series, he set up OCT Media Advertising Co. and enjoys experience in TV series, large-scale performance activities and advertising operation for years. In 2005, after obtaining the TV/film copyright of novel The Tibetan Dog, he took charge in the development of the project, succeeded in negotiation and signature of contract with MADHOUSE and developed The Tibetan Dog, the first animation film jointly financed and produced between Japan and China.
In 2008, he joined MADHOUSE Beijing as a deputy general manager responsible for domestic business of The Tibetan Dog as well as planning of other animation projects. In 2011, The Tibetan Dog was released in China.  

At the end of 2011, he set up Giant Eye Chinimation Inc. In April 2012, he assisted the management of business in animation licensing department of TOMY (Shanghai) Ltd.


Tony S. Izumi (Chairman of Supervisors / Producer)


After experiencing 10 years of advertising and entertainment at HAKUHODO (international advertising group), Tony joined MADHOUSE(animation studio) to establish overseas and licensing business then to successively serve as CEO of MADHOUSE Beijing. Then he started his toy venture serving as VP of Tomy (Shanghai), Ltd. of the TAKARA TOMY group. Tony has rich experience in IP development, animation development and production, character licensing, overseas distribution, and corporate management.

Masao Maruyama (Animation Supervisor)


As a founder of MADHOUSE, he is a disciple of Osamu Tezuka and counted as the most experienced animation executive producer in Japan. He has contributed to the global animation industry for more than 50 years. Currently, he is CEO of MAPPA Animation Studio.

Shigeru Igari (Game Supervisor)


Once served as president of Japanese famous game company ATLUS, president of online game company ROSSO INDEX, presently, he is president of IGR group. He enjoys rich experience in game development and operation.

Franck Malmin (CGI Supervisor)


As a CEO of UNIFIED Co., he has served as a producer of many CG animation films.


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